5 things To Consider Before Buying Second Hand Bikes 2024 Update

Second Hand Bikes
Second Hand Bikes
Things to consider before buying Second Hand Bikes

It t is better to have a second hand bikes in such conditions but there are few things you must need to know while buying a second hand bikes as motorbikes are considered as the most useful communicating tool in Nepal.

Motorcycles is more convenient in the narrow roads where four wheeler can’t run. It is convenient in Nepali roads because of the geographical structure of roads network inn Nepal. Today, then market of motorbikes is spreading in a fastest speed.

Buying a new bikes is too much pleasant to the buyers but you have to do pretty deals of second hand bikes in case of low budget or poor road network. Automobile Hive is going to mentions some of the tips for you to verify the condition of bikes before buying second hand bike.

Things to consider before buying second hand bikes

  • Physical Condition of Bike

The most noticable things of Motorbikes is it’s physical apperance or looks which everyone easily notice. It can clearly tells that the First users gives the care or how does the bike was handled by the owner. clearly check the screw, bolts then be sure that these things should be perfect on it’s place.

The physical checkup doesn’t takes too much time you need to satisfy and verified about the physical looks and the physical elements on the right place. So, it is better to check physical condition of second hand bikes.

  • Engine
Second Hand Bikes
Bike engine

Everyone knows that the engine is the heart of the bike. If all things have a bit problem but engine is 100% fine then the bike is highly eligible to maintenance. If only the engine is damaged then rest of all things on the bikes doesn’t determines a perfect health of bike.

To do verification of the engine first of all you need to start Motorbike then determine the engine sounds well or not if yes then fine if no then maybe the engine has got some problem.

In order to check the all the gears engaged correctly or not do a test drive. If all gears works well then be sure Engine’s behavior’s is correct.

Give a short glance around the engine and confirm the valves and engine is not leaking the oil. Ask the owner about the bill history of engine and if you found any susceptive things regarding the health of engine then immediately take a further action about verification of engine condition. Thus So, it is better to check engine of second hand bikes.

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  • Fuel efficiency

Before the purchase of Second-hand bikes you must have to check the bike distance till now. This method helps you to find out the hint on how the bike has been used.

If the bike has covered long distance in a short period of time than the bike assume then be sure that the bike is over used. But this doesn’t means a lot, if the proper care was taken of the bike. If not then it should be a big problems to you as well as the bike’s engine. So, it is better to fuel efficiency of second hand bikes.

If a bike gives good fuel efficiency then the bike is well mentioned if not then the bike is not properly taken care.

  • Wiring and clutch Brakes

The most important things is that you have a proper response of clutch, brakes and have a good functionality of wirings. If the clutch response smoothly then it will be fine and brakes need to gives the proper response very tight and loose/failed brakes leads you towards road accident.

Be sure about these things because these are the things which plays vital role of the prevention of accident. The wiring is also need to work well if it doesn’t work then the bike will works in the bright area. So, it is better to check Wiring and clutch Brakes of second hand bikes.

  • Test a ride
Second Hand Bikes
Taking a ride

It is the most important and the final stage of the checkup. Be sure that you feel comfort in all the way if you own the bike. Only observation is not enough to determine the all things and the condition of bike so you need to test a drive in order to find out the error if it exist.

You can basically find out the brakes condition, bikes behavior’s according to your command, Clutch health, all the switch is well or not, more over you also find out the pickup and power of Motorbike. Hence taking ride is a great step for buying second hand bike.


By following the above mentioned suggestation you can buy Second hand bike without hesitation. If you will leave the steps or method mentioned above then it will be a serious problem to you in a near future.

We hope these guidelines helps you to know the 5 things before buying second hand bikes. If any queries arise regarding this topic then Automobile Hive recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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