How to choose the best bike for you in Nepal?

best bike for you

Have you been thing of buying a new motorcycle? Is this the first time you are going to buy a new motorcycle? You cant figure of which will be the best bike for you. Here are some of the things you should consider while choosing a best bike for you.

Set Your Budget

Firstly, the budget. Set a side your budget. Similarly, select the bikes that matches your budget.

Choose the desired brand

Secondly, the brand. Which brand do you trust the most ? Do some research about the brand of motorcycles. A brand name can say a lot sometimes.

Select the type of Bike

Thirdly, the type of bike. What type of motorbike do you want? There are so many types of motorbike. Depending up on what type of bike you want like, sports, dirt, naked, enduro, to name some, you should select some bikes.

Know Specifications and Features

After selecting the type and brand of motorcycle in your budget look at the specifications and features. Look at how much engine power it gives, mileage of the motorbike, top speed etc. Also, search about the built quality, headlights, tire type, brakes etc.

Test Ride

Then, test ride. you should always have a test ride of the selected motorbike. Physically feeling the motorcycle and riding it is very important. The test ride will give you the result of your expectation.

Lastly, if you like the bike that you have selected and have done a test ride then, CONGRATULATIONS !!. You have found your ideal bike.

You should also ask about the after sale services. how many servicing are free after the purchase of bike. And also ask about the insurance policy. Insurance is very important these days.

Many people don’t say it while buying a motorbike but, you should also check if the motorbike suits your height and weight. It might be difficult to ride a bike which isn’t suitable for your height.

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