Benelli bikes price in Nepal | [2023 Update]

Benelli is a former Italian motorcycle manufacturing company established in 1911. It is now fully owned by Qianjiang Group, a Chinese group. Benelli bikes are designed and manufactured in China. Benelli guarantees the ultimate riding experience.

Furthermore, KTM International Trading is an authorized distributor of Benelli Bikes in Nepal. Benelli provides a range of Motorcycles that are powerful with great sporty looks. Likewise, Benelli is one of the popular brands in Nepal. The list of Benelli motorcycles available in Nepal a is mentioned below:

Price of Benelli bikes in Nepal

Benelli TNT 15Rs. 2,54,000
Benelli TNT 150iRs. 3,77,000
Benelli BN 251Rs. 5,20,000
Benelli TNT 135Rs. 2,75,000
Benelli TNT 25Rs. 4,50,000
Benelli TNT 300Rs. 8,10,000
Benelli TNT 600iRs. 23,58,000
Benelli Tornado 302Rs. 7,50,000
Benelli TRK 502Rs. 16,00,000
Benelli TNT 600 GTRs. 16,50,000
Benelli Leoncino 500Rs. 9,00,000
Benelli Leoncino 250Rs. 6,30,000
Benelli 302 SRs. 8,90,000
Benelli TRK 251Rs. 6,30,000
Benelli Tornado 302RRs. 8,55,000
Benelli Zen Zero 150Rs. 2,65,000
Benelli bikes in Nepal

Some of the popular motorcycles from Benelli in Nepal are Benelli TNT 300, Benelli 600, Benelli 135 and Benelli 302 R. Likewise, the bikes meet requirements of every rider, ensure the ultimate riding experience and comfort.

The bikes range from 148 cc to 600 cc. Yes, they are powerful in terms of build-up and specifications but is it enough to attract people towards the brand. The company provides different types of bikes for different people and so does other brands. We can find a bike in the same price line and with the same specifications in a well known multinational brand.

In conclusion, the history of the company is long, however, it has some ups and downs in it. In recent years, it has proved to be a good brand and people are noticing it. Benelli has great potentials to win over many people.

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