Smart License Print Check Online in Nepal | 2024 Latest Technique

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Check online if your smart driving license in Nepal is Printed or not.

Have you appeared for the driving license exam in Nepal and you passed it? And obviously, you are searching if the license is printed or not. Right?

Here, you can check the status of your driving license online. Enter your details for smart license print check online in Nepal.

Nepal Driving License Check | Check if your license is printed by entering your details

Type in your full name and your license number. The license number is on the receipt that you received after submitting the card of trial pass. After that click on check license to know the status of your license. A date will be given to you if your license has been printed.

Then go to the transportation office to receive your Smart license after a month of the date that you received. Be very careful and check if you have written the correct License number or not.

If your concerned DOTM is in Chabahil then here is the time schedule on when it will open and close.

Sunday To Thursday10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Procedure to get the driving license print information and exam result through SMS/Mobile

For online driving license check status Nepal, you can SMS and know in just Rs. 5 . For this, follow the below process.

Type ‘LC <space> [Application ID]’ and Send it to 33001.

Note : Here Applicant ID is License ID.

The format of the Application ID/License ID is 01-01-00056897 or 010100056897.
If you don’t know the Application ID, you can get it at your bill that you get while making payment for the license.

If your license has not been printed yet, you may have to wait for a few more months. Do check the status of the license from time to time.

All the details shown above after entering your information are taken from the official website of the Department of Transportation Management in Nepal. If you found any mistake or have queries, you need to contact them. Also, note you need to visit the concerned transport office after a month of the date shown above if your driving license has printed.

Still you are searching for a smart driving license card check in Nepal ? If you have any query, you can visit our official Youtube for the solution. For this, Search “Automobile Hive” on YouTube.