3 lakhs people will get a smart driving license in Nepal as soon as lockdown ends


The Department of transport and management authority has been managing the work of printing smart driving license in Nepal during this lockdown period also. They have managed the work shifts into 3 divisions of 6 hrs time in each shift.

The office remained closed for about two weeks in the initial lockdown state from Baisakh 11. After that, they had started the working process continuously till date says, the Mahanirdeshak Gagan Bahadur Hamal.

He further added that they are targeting to print all the remaining licenses targeted for this current year.

Due to this lockdown period, there are no additional new licenses being registered which had made their work faster and easier.

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So, about 5000 licenses are being printed daily during this lockdown period.

He says, Now all the people waiting for their renewed licenses and newly registered licenses will get their smart license cards as soon as the lockdown is opened.

Although, there are 3 lakh total people on the waiting list, only about one lakh people will get their license cards printed.

In everyday work hours, the machine gets heated after working for 4 hours. So it needs some rest time. Machines are kept idol for about 1 hour for rest. Due to this, although there is 18 hours’ time available, Machines are only used for 14 hours daily within two shifts. One shift has only 6 hours’ time.

The smart licenses card is now being printed in the mass printer. The transportation authority has only one mass printer, 7 lakh card printer, and 4 small machines in total. 

Hence almost 80,000 licenses have been completed till date after the lockdown.