process of retrial

So you have failed your driving license trial. It’s fine. This happens to many people. It can be due to nervousness or lack of practice. Now the question is what to do next? We will tell you all the process for retrial of driving license in Nepal here.

retrial of driving license in Nepal

You can give trial 3 times in 3 months if you have passed your likhit exam. Now to give your retrial you have to again go to the transportation office and stand in a line. You have to visit the office after a week of giving your trial exam.

Go to the same building where you submitted your form. Search for the retrial department and stand in a line. Here are some of the things that you should take before going to the office.

  • Application for the retrial
  • Photocopy of citizenship card
  • The pink receipt
application for retrial

After submitting all the necessary documents they will give you a date. You have to be on time on that given date and they will provide you with a pink and a green receipt. After that, you can go to your retrial. Do ask or check the schedule of the retrial before going for it.

If you fail your 2nd trial too then the process of the retrial is same. For the third trial, you may have to wait for 1 week. However, if you fail the third time too, you have to start from the beginning. But after 6 months. You have to fill the form again and give all the exams again.

Before giving your trial do practice nicely and be confident. Don’t be nervous be sure and drive carefully.

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