License Trial exam will not be judged on the basis of common mistakes

license trial exam

The criteria for getting a driving license is going to change. The Department of Transport Management(DOTM) recently issued new criteria plan to the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport regarding the way in which the people giving trial exams are judged.

The present policy for getting a license is difficult as people are regarded as failed even for small mistakes. Because of this only 25% of people successfully pass the license trial exam in Nepal. However, as this new policy will be forwarded, people will not be regarded as failed for small mistakes as stated by the Director-General of the Department of Transport Management Mr. Gogan Bahadur Hamal.

Criteria for passing license trial exam

license trial exam

The new criteria for passing the trial exam will be judged on the basis of marks.

The full mark is set to 100 and the people now have to score a minimum of 60 marks to pass the license exam.

According to Mr. Hamal, the pass-fail will be decided on the basis of various stage points of the trial in the new proposal. Presently, the parameter and the marking system is yet to be further decided.

Furthermore, DoTM is also planning to change the present scenario of the written exam.

Along, with this, the DoTM is also planning to remove the quota limitation policy while filling the online license form by improving the server capacity. If everything goes as planned, the quota limitation system will be removed from this Thursday or from the coming Sunday as stated by Mr. Hamal.

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