New License application will open only after two months


The New License application for driver’s license will be open in two months. According to the Department of Transport Management, the new application is planned to be opened only after two months as the number of service seekers will increase and corona (Covid-19) infection may spread.

Director General of the Department Gogan Bahadur Hamal said, “It will not be opened immediately mainly due to Corona. People’s pressure increases with opening. Coronas are more likely to spread when the crowd is large. According to Hamal, a large number of service seekers are likely to come at once as new applications have already been blocked.

According to the department, 5,000 to 8,000 new applications were received daily across the country on a normal day. As it is closed for a long time, the pressure of the service recipients is sure to increase. The department has stated that it will be opened after two months to manage the possible crowds

The Department of Transportation has printed about seven million smart licenses remaining in Corona’s captivity. Work began last January to complete the remaining seven million smart licenses in six months, but the department said the remaining work was easier after Corona blocked new applications.

During this period, seven lakh smart licenses have been printed and now 40-45 thousand licenses are being prepared for completion. The department has sent the printed licenses to the concerned transport office for distribution.

If the licence application resume than you can apply on National Electronic Driving Licences & Vehicle Registration System

Extracted the news from Gorkhapatra daily about New License application.

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