How to prepare for likhit of driving license in Nepal


Likhit is a written exam that you have to give to receive a driving license. You have to pass the likhit before giving a trial. Likewise, it is very important to pass this exam. So, we will tell you about how to prepare for likhit exam.

Likhit preparation

After submitting the form and completing all the checkups, the office will provide you with a date for the likhit. The exam will take place within 1-2 days of form submission. Moreover, you have to score 10 out of 20 to pass the exam. here are some necessary details about the exam

  • 30 minutes to solve 20 questions.
  • All the question will be objective.
  • Tick the answers clearly
  • the necessary thing to carry for the exam (pen, your citizenship card and payment bill).
  • Other necessary information will be provided before the exam.

To prepare for the likhit exam you can buy a book of model questions. The book will provide you with all the necessary reading materials for the exam.

model question for likhit exam

You can also download an app to help you to prepare for the exam. First, open your google play and search driving license Nepal. You can find many apps, from them choose one that suits your taste. Then download the app and prepare for the test.

The result for likhit will be posted on the official website transportation office. You can also check your result by sending a message. Type ‘WT <space> [Application ID]’ and Send it to 33001. The result will usually be uploaded after 5 pm.

Likewise, if you pass the exam, your trail will be held the next day. However, if you fail the likhit exam you have o with for 6 months to give another exam.

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