DoTM is Distributing Smart License from 1st of Ashar 2077


According to the Publishing notice of Department of Transportation Management on 32nd of Jestha, Thulobharyang will be distributing the smart driving license from Ashar 1st, 2077.

Due to the pandemic and the country going on lockdown, many works were kept in pause. And distributing smart license is one of them. However, making the smart license was never on hold. Click here to know about the making process of the license during the lockdown.

Notice of distributing smart licence

So, according to the notice, the office will start distributing smart license from the first day of Ashar, 2077. But other works relating to license will not be done. Likewise, people have to wait for the next notice to know about when other license-related work will start. Moreover, people had to wait for a year to get their smart license. Also, the lockdown made the wait even more stressful. However, it was for the safety of the people. And as the government has decided to loosen up the lockdown from the first day of Ashad, the distribution process can resume.

I’m sure the office will help people maintain the social distance while getting their license. And I also hope that people themselves, will maintain social distance and sanitize their hands as often as they can.

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