Are you facing issue while filling a smart driving license application form? You are not only one to face this!

After 9 months closing of application for smart driving license, the application was open from last Tuesday. But customers are complaining that they are not even able to fiil up the application form for smart driving license in nepal.

Registration failed due to quota limitation. Please try again later

Are you getting the message “registration failed due to quota limitation. please try again later”. Not only you, but many are getting the same issue.

After the quota is filled up, customers are not able to receive the service for filling up the online application form.

Departmetn of Transportation receives only 5,000 applications daily. Application forms cannot be filled after this. Users can fill up the application from 6AM to 10PM from sunday to wednesday only.

DoTM is trying to solve this issue. Since there is high traffic on server, the problem is here. After the pressure decreases, the problem will be solved.

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