10 Important Bike maintenance tips

10 Bike Maintenance Course

Keeping your bike in good condition is essential. It will stretch the life of the bike. Likewise, keeping a consistent servicing record is must important. However, often servicing your bike can be heavy on your wallet. In this lockdown period, you have to take proper care of your bike. As you aren’t using your bike that often, check out Things to do when you don’t use your bike regularly to keep your bike in an excellent condition. So, here are 10 tips bike that will help you in self-maintenance of your bike.

Bike maintenance tips

1) Tyres

Check the pressure of the tyres. The overfilling or underfilling of the tyres can create discomfort while riding the bike. This is defiantly the step you shouldn’t ignore. The owner’s manual will tell you the exact pressure of the front and rear tyres. Also, inspect the condition of the tyres.

2) Chains

Another important tip for bike maintenance is keeping an eye on the chains. A loose chain should never be ignored. You need to adjust the chain every 500 miles. A too loose chain may lead to a severe accident. Likewise, a too-tight chain is also a bad thing. It can affect your rear suspension action. Use a good coat of chain lubricating oil to keep your chain nice and rust-free.

3) Battery

The vibration and continuous use of a bike can lead to the terminal disconnections. Check for any dirt or loose connection on the battery. So, clean and tighten the terminal connection points. Also, keep the charge of the battery 100%.

4) Oil

Unlike cars, the oil in the bike runs out fast depending upon the environment and driving condition. Take a look at the level of the oil. If you use your bike often at high speed then you may have to change the oil more than once a year.

5) Brakes

Never underestimate a small issue in the brakes. Brakes are by far the most important part of your bike. So, it’s a good idea to verify your breaks if you see any problems with it. Also, check the brake pads and brake fluid.

6) Air filter

The air filter prevents dust from going inside the engine. A clogged filter may impact the performance of the car. So, an air filter will ensure a smooth and better performance of the bike. Clean the air filter as often as possible.

7) Lighting

Check every lighting of the bike to ensure they are working properly. You should always replace or repair the damaged lights after the inspection and before using the bike.

8) Grease

Grease every part of the bike that may get clogged or jammed. It ensures a smooth and better performance of the bike. You should always grease the parts like clutch, brake cables, levers, ignition keyhole and the main stand.

9) Clean the bike.

It is very important to clean the bike and give it a nice glow like a new bike. Also, it is essential to let your bike dry completely, otherwise, it can get rusty. Likewise, you should polish your bike to give it a beautiful shine.

10) Cover

Always cover your bike when you are not using it. This will prevent the bike from dust. Also, park the bike in shade away from direct sunlight.

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