Skoda Reports Worldwide Sales Decrease of 16.7% in 2024, with India as a Bright Spot

Skoda symbol 1

Skoda, a Czech brand, has sold 731,300 units of cars worldwide in 2024, which is a decrease of 16.7% compared to the previous year. In 2021, the company had sold 807,200 units, which means a decrease of 146,900 units in 2023. The data from the company shows that the company’s sales only increased in South Asia.

In Western Europe, Skoda sold 377,000 units, but saw a decrease of 7.8% in sales. Similarly, sales in Central Europe decreased by 9.8% with 148,000 units sold. In Eastern Europe, Skoda sold 31,600 units, but saw a decrease of 11.9% in sales.

The market where Skoda has seen the biggest decrease is Russia. The company has lost 37.4% of the market in Russia. In 2021, 71,200 units were sold in Russia, but in 2023, only 44,600 units were sold.

On the other hand, Skoda has seen success in the Indian market. The company has increased sales by 127% in India. In 2021, Skoda sold 22,800 units, but in 2023, they were able to sell 51,900 units.