Nissan Car Price in Nepal | 2023 Update

Nissan car price in Nepal

Nissan is a Japanese multinational automobile brand founded in 1930. In Nepal, Durga Brothers & Sons Pvt. Ltd is the official distributors. Furthermore, there are 5 different car models of Nissan available. The models include cars and pickup.

Nissan Micra Active, Kicks XL, Urvan, Navara and X-Trail are the available Nissan models in Nepal. Nissan is a popular car brand because of its reliability and fuel efficiency. Here is the price list of Nissan in Nepal.

Nissan car price in Nepal

Price of Nissan Car in Nepal

Nissan Micra Active XL (1198cc) Rs. 27,49,000
Nissan Micra Active XLO (1198cc)Rs. 28.84 Lakhs
Nissan Kicks XL (Petrol 1498cc)Rs. 48.99 Lakhs
Nissan Kicks XV (Petrol 1498cc)Rs. 53.49 Lakhs
Nissan Kicks XV (Diesel 1461cc)Rs. 56.99 Lakhs
Nissan Kicks XV Premium (Diesel 1461cc)Rs. 60.99 Lakhs
Nissan Kicks XV Pre Optional Mono (Diesel 1461cc)Rs. 64.99 Lakhs
Nissan Kicks XV Pre Optional Dual (Diesel 1461cc)Rs. 65.25 Lakhs
Nissan Urvan (16-seater) (2488cc)Rs. 77.49 Lakhs
Nissan Navara MT (Diesel 2488cc)Rs. 82.49 Lakhs
Nissan Navara AT (Diesel 2488cc)Rs 95.49 Lakhs to Rs 1.06 crore.
Nissan X-Trail 4WD (5 Seater) (1997cc)Rs. 1.25 Crore
Nissan X-Trail 4WD (7 Seater) (1997cc)Rs. 1.30 Crore

The Company offers vehicles from budget-friendly to pricey. Likewise, the price range starts from 27 lakh and goes up to 1.30 crore.

Overall, Nissan is a great brand that gives full attention to safety. It is also famous for its innovative styling and cutting-edge appearance.

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