Mahindra Car Price in Nepal | 2024 update

price list of mahindra car

Mahindra is a well-known automobiles company in Nepal as well as in India. the Brand is known to make cars that are affordable and reliable. In Nepal, there are various variants of cars, pickup and SUVs available of Mahindra. Moreover, recently the official distributors of Mahindra in Nepal, Agni Incorporated Private Limited published a new price list of available Mahindra vehicles. Likewise, NADA Automobiles Association of Nepal has also published the price list of its members on July 23, 2020. Similarly, Mahindra has published the price of 44 different car.

The new price of the vehicles published by Mahindra includes cars from 18 lakh 25 thousand to 85 lakh 25 thousand. The most expensive vehicle of Mahindra according to the price list is Mahindra XUV 500 W11 AWD (2179cc). Similarly, the cheapest vehicle is, Single Cab Bolero Pickup Maxi Truck Plus 2WD. Further Let us look at the price list of all the available Mahindra car in Nepal.

List of Mahindra Car Price in Nepal

Mahindra Single cab

Bolero Pickup Maxi Truck Plus 2WD P/S – Single Cab (2523cc)Rs. 18.25 Lakhs
Bolero Pickup Camper SC XL FB 2WD P/S – Single Cab (2523cc)Rs. 21.40 Lakhs
Bolero Pickup 2 WD P/S 1.5T (BIG) – Single Cab (2523cc)Rs. 23.65 Lakhs
Bolero Pickup Camper SC 4WD – Single Cab (2523cc)Rs. 22.75 Lakhs

Mahindra Double Cab

Bolero Pickup Camper DC 2WD P/S – Double Cab (2523cc)Rs. 25.45 Lakhs
Bolero Pickup Camper DC 4WD P/S – Double Cab (2523cc)Rs. 27.65 Lakhs
Scorpio Pickup S4 2WD DC – Double Cab (2.2 Ltr)Rs. 35.95 Lakhs
Scorpio Pickup S6 2WD DC – Double Cab (2.2 Ltr)Rs. 37.60 Lakhs
Scorpio Pickup S6 4WD DC – Double Cab (2.2 Ltr)Rs. 41.35 Lakhs
Scorpio Pickup S10 4WD DC – Double Cab (2.2 Ltr)Rs. 44.40 Lakhs

Mahindra Car Type Vehicle

KUV100 NXT K4+ G80 (5STR) (1198cc)Rs. 27.75 Lakhs
KUV100 NXT K6+ G80 (5STR) (1198cc)Rs. 29.65 Lakhs
KUV100 K8 G80 (5STR) (1198cc)Rs. 31.45 Lakhs
KUV100 K8 DT G80 (5STR) (1198cc)Rs. 31.75 Lakhs
KUV100 K6 D75 (5STR) (1198cc)Rs. 34.45 Lakhs
Mahindra KUV 100

Mahindra Jeep Type Vehicle

Bolero XL NAC 2WD (9 STR) (2523cc)Rs. 36.50 Lakhs
Bolero Power+ SLX 2WD (7 STR) (2523cc)Rs. 34.85 Lakhs
Bolero Power+ SLX 2WD ABS (7 STR) (2523cc)Rs. 35.85 Lakhs
Thar CRDe 4WD STD (2498cc)Rs. 43.15 Lakhs
TUV 300 T4+ (1493cc)Rs. 37.35 Lakhs
TUV 300 T6+ (1493cc)Rs. 39.95 Lakhs
TUV 300 T8 100 (1493cc)Rs. 43.65 Lakhs
TUV 300 T8 DT 100 BHP (1493cc)Rs. 44.35 Lakhs
TUV 300 T10 100 BHP (1493cc)Rs. 44.35 Lakhs
TUV 300 T10 DT 100 BHP (1493cc)Rs. 45 Lakhs
Scorpio S5 2WD 1.99Ltr (7/8/9 STR)Rs. 48.85 Lakhs
Scorpio S5 4WD 1.99Ltr (7/8/9 STR)Rs. 53 Lakhs
Scorpio S11 2WD 1.99Ltr (7/8/9 STR)Rs. 61.80 Lakhs
Scorpio S11 4WD 1.99Ltr (7/8/9 STR)Rs. 66.80 Lakhs
Scorpio S5 4WD 2.2Ltr (7/8/9 STR)Rs. 56 Lakhs
Scorpio S7 2WD 2.2Ltr (7/8/9 STR)Rs. 57.80 Lakhs
Scorpio S11 2WD 2.2Ltr (7/8/9 STR)Rs. 65.65 Lakhs
Scorpio S11 4WD 2.2Ltr (7/8/9 STR)Rs. 71.25 Lakhs
XUV 500 W5 FWD (2179cc)Rs. 62.10 Lakhs
XUV 500 W7 FWD (2179cc)Rs. 68 Lakhs
XUV 500 W11 AWD (2179cc)Rs. 85.25 Lakhs
XUV 300 W4 PET 5STR (1197cc)Rs. 39.75 Lakhs
XUV 300 W6 PET 5STR (1197cc)Rs. 43.75 Lakhs
XUV 300 W8 PET 5STR (1197cc)Rs. 50.75 Lakhs
XUV 300 W8 (O) PET 5STR (1197cc)Rs. 56.50 Lakhs
XUV 300 W4 DSL 5STR (1497cc)Rs. 41.25 Lakhs
XUV 300 W6 DSL 5STR (1497cc)Rs. 45 Lakhs
XUV 300 W8 DSL 5STR (1497cc)Rs. 51.50 Lakhs
XUV 300 W8 (O) DSL 5STR (1497cc)Rs. 57.25 Lakhs
Marazzo M6 8 STR (1497cc)Rs. 58.20 Lakhs

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