Jiangsu Huazi Amai Auto Price in Nepal with Specs, Availability. Jiangsu Houji Amai Mini EV Now Available in Nepal

hauzi car price in nepal

CG Motors, a leading car dealership in Nepal, has imported the four-wheel drive mini car, ‘Amai’, produced by “Jiangsu Huazi Auto” to Nepal. The car is set to go on sale next week and has been highly anticipated by customers. The mini car, which is designed for urban areas, features a 24 kW combined peak power motor connected to the front and rear of the vehicle and can reach a top speed of 100 km per hour. The car can seat four people and has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 18.43 kWh, allowing for a range of up to 225 km on a full charge.

The exterior of the car boasts retro design features, such as 15-inch wheels, round crystal projection headlights and DRLs in round shape that give it a classic look. The design line in the front and tail design gives the car the appearance of an SUV. The car also features attractive clear edges and corners on the outer cover, making it stand out on the road.

Inside the car, customers will find a variety of features designed for comfort and convenience. The music system, air condition digital instrument panel and 9-inch central control system support WiFi and Bluetooth, providing a seamless experience for drivers and passengers. The car also has driver and passenger seats that can be adjusted in four different ways, allowing for maximum comfort during long drives. The company has also used leather on the seats and steering wheel, giving the car a premium look and feel.

According to company sources, the price of Hauji Amai, which came with full options at the beginning, will be around 24 lakhs. Its entry variant will also come to Nepal after some time. Its price will be slightly less. This makes it accessible for a larger segment of the population looking for a reliable and stylish urban vehicle.

In summary, the arrival of the four-wheel drive mini car ‘Amai’ in Nepal, produced by “Jiangsu Houji Auto” and brought by CG Motors, is a much-awaited event. The car is designed to suit the urban area, has a peak power of 24 kW and a top speed of 100 km per hour, and has a range of 225 km once fully charged. The car has an attractive retro design and a variety of features for comfort and convenience. The price of the car is set to be around 24 lakhs, with an entry variant to be available at a later date.