Hummer EV price in Nepal (Feb 2024 Update)

Hummer Ev price in Nepal

Hummer EV is an electric car manufactured by GMC (General Motors). GMC has introduced Hummer EV Edition 1 in 2022. The off-road SUV lovers can now enjoy Hummer EV as GMC has manufactured this electric car. The  Hummer EV price in Nepal varies with different variants. The starting Hummer EV price in Nepal is 93.39 lakh.

Design of Hummer EV

Exterior Design

Hummer Ev price in Nepal

The exterior design of Hummer EV consists of high technology features to provide comfort and luxurious ride. Some of the technology are:

  • Standard HD surround vision: They use multiple cameras along with rear vision camera and front views in order to display an overhead image of the area around your vehicle.
  • You are offered with 17 or 18 cameras ultravision.
  • Fully underbody coating/armor: It prevents further damage of the supporting framework underneath a vehicle.
  • 35’’ tires of specially engineered goodyear: We are offered with high-quality tire to support off-road ride.

Interior Design

Hummer Ev price in Nepal

You are offered an infinity roof with modular sky panels meaning it is technically classified as a convertible rather than pickup. We are also offered with Bose CenterPoint 14-speaker audio system. One can enjoy Bose center point as CenterPoint surround technology converts music into multiple channels. 

It is  available with a 12.3 inch color driver information center display along with a 13.4 inch color touchscreen infotainment display. These features allow customization of data, settings, and color within driver’s  convenient reach. 

This model produces unique sounds for Normal, Terrain and Off-Road modes. Bose has introduced Electric Vehicle Sound Enhancement on the 2022 GMC Hummer EV. Lunar shadow or Lunar Horizon interior color schemes is another feature of Hummer EV.

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Safety Measure of  of Hummer EV

This model offers us with high technology assistance technology. Owner can enjoy the driver assistance system. Whenever there is such a short distance between two vehicles , the driver is alert with a signal so they can apply brakes and avoid the risk of an accident.

In compatible roads drivers can enjoy hand-free driving. One of the best features of Hummer Ev is the 360 degree view. This feature helps drivers to reduce speed before entering through traffic as well as while taking it helps drivers to place their vehicle accurately. Lane changes facility is also available in this model of GMC.

Technical Specifications of  Hummer EV 

DrivetrainAll Wheel Drive
Fuel systemElectric
Length216.8 inch
width86.7 inch
Height79.1 inch
Wheelbase135.6 inch
Width, without mirror86.67 inch
Combined Power1000 hp
Combined Torque1200 Ib-ft
Onboard Charger11.5 kw
Acceleration60 mph=3.3 sec 100mph=8.8 sec
Top Speed106 mph
Ground Clearance10.1 inch
Curo Weight9640 Ib
Brake TypeApply Control Electric
Anti-Lock-Braking System4-wheel
Front Wheel Size22×9.5 inches
Front wheel MaterialAluminum
Rear Wheel Size22×9.5 inches
Rear wheel MaterialAluminum

Color available in Hummer Ev are Dark blue, Grey, Dark Bronze, Void black, Orange, white,Ice blue

Variants of Hummer EV

Different Variants of Hummer EV are

  • Hummer EV2
  • Hummer EV2x
  • Hummer EV3x
  • Hummer EV Edition 1
  • Hummer EV Edition 1 with off-road pack

Different variants have different Hummer Ev price in Nepal

Hummer EV price in Nepal

Variants of Hummer EVHummer EV price in Nepal
Hummer EV2Rs. 99.39 lakh
Hummer EV2xRs. 1.05 crores

Hummer EV3x
Rs. 1.16 crores

Hummer EV Edition 1
Rs. 1.23 crores
Hummer EV Edition 1 with off-road packRs. 1.29 crores

Additional features of Hummer EV

  • Wireless charging
  • Wireless Android Auto
  • Ventilated Driver Seat
  • 5 seating capacity
  • 200 kwh Battery unit
  • Powerful 100 bhp electric motor
  • Front and rear ventilated Disc Brakes
Hummer Ev price in Nepal


The Hummer EV model of GMC is a car with high technology features. This feature provides extraordinary in-road performance. Such performance results in a comfortable and luxurious driving experience. The different variants of Hummer EV have been listed above with different Hummer EV price in Nepal. In order to know exact recent Hummer EV price in Nepal you can also visit official site of GMC website.

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