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How to rent a car in Nepal? Hire the best car with the most affordable rate

When you are travelling somewhere either you take your vehicle or use a public vehicle. But while travelling somewhere far a public vehicle can be frustrating and long. To avoid this hassle you can rent a vehicle. There are so many rental services that provide cars, jeeps and other vehicles on rent. Many foreign people who come to Nepal rent a car or a bike to explore the beauty of the country. Many people from Nepal too rent a vehicle to go to their village from KTM or from their village to KTM.

Renting a vehicle seems pretty easy. However, there are some things you need to be careful about before renting a vehicle. Here are some of the steps on how to rent a car which may help you while renting in the future.

Car Rental in Nepal

Steps to rent a car in Nepal

Step 1: Look around for a rental service. There are many rental services in Nepal. Before settling down for a vehicle look around in different rental services. Likewise, compare the price of the rent and ask for other services. You can also visit the website of the rental service for more information.

Step 2: Choose a vehicle. Ask other questions about the vehicle along with the price. Inspect the car thoroughly before choosing. Sometimes the vehicle might have some problem and can stop in the middle of your trip.

Step 3: Terms and conditions. Listen to the terms and conditions very carefully. The terms and conditions will have details like the cost of the vehicle according to hours and or days. it will also have some restrictions and boundaries. Likewise, the terms will tell you about what you have to do if the vehicle gets into an accident. Also, ask if the car has insurance or not.

Step 4: Passport or citizenship card. If you want a vehicle for rent for some hours and you are a Nepali then your citizenship copy or original will work. Moreover, if you are a foreigner and looking for a rental car you may have to send a copy of your passport in advance for the booking.

Step 5: Renting. You have to pay the full rent. You cannot pay 50% at first and pay the rest after you return. Likewise, some rental services provide a driver for which you have to pay extra. The rental service may not allow you to drive the vehicle yourself. Likewise, the driver is mandatory.

There is a small price list for renting a car taken from SMILE CAR RENTAL.

Car Hire Rental Price in Nepal

PARTICULARSK.MCarJEEPHiace van Bus (mini)Big bus
Kathmandu to Trishuli Day Return1604400660088001320017600
Khathmandu to Dhunche Day Return260682510237.5136502047527300
Kathmandu to Syaprobeshi Day Return300787511812.5157502362531500
Kathmandu to Daman Simbhangyang Day Return1804950742599001485019800
Chitwan to Daman to Kathmandu250037505000750010000

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