Foton Electric Microbus in Nepal | Foton’s European Standard Electric Microbus Now Available in Nepal, Helping to Achieve Government’s Goal of Increased EV Adoption

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Electric microbuses are increasingly becoming a popular mode of transportation in Nepal, as the country debates the implementation of electric public transportation. The arrival of Photon’s electric microbus is a major development in this regard.

According to the company, Photon’s microbus is a European standard electric vehicle, designed to be both efficient and cost-effective. It comes with a 14-17 seat capacity and a powerful 50.23 kWh battery, making it capable of running for long distances. With 85 KW peak power and 290 Nm torque, the electric van is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as schools, hotels, and public transport routes.

As Nepal looks to increase the adoption of electric vehicles, the government has set a target of increasing their use by the year 2030. Additionally, it plans to sell and distribute only electric vehicles by 2030, making the country a leader in sustainable transportation.

The arrival of Photon’s electric microbus is a significant step towards achieving these goals. Not only does it provide a reliable and cost-effective mode of transportation, but it also helps to reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels. This is especially important for Nepal, where air pollution has become a major concern in recent years.

Overall, the introduction of electric microbuses in Nepal is a positive development that will have far-reaching benefits for the country’s environment and economy. As more companies invest in electric transportation, it is likely that we will see even more innovative and sustainable solutions in the near future.