Park Ktm App

Park KTM App is simply a mobile application designed to create convenience in parking. Kathmandu is a widely populated city filled with where each household has at least a bike or a car. We all can imagine and have been in a situation where finding a parking spot for your own private vehicle has been such a hassle. And due to the overcrowding of places, it is near impossible to find a parking spot.

So keeping this in consideration Kathmandu Metropolitan City in collaboration with Wheels Truly Yours Pvt Ltd has introduced a mobile app called the Park KTM App. By using this app users can simply book and save the parking spot from anywhere they like and park conveniently.

As this app is very recent users can book the parking places in 5 different places. They are Back of Rameshwor Sweets, In front of Bishal Bazar on the way to Indra Chowk road, Dharmapath, Pako, and In front of RB Complex. These all places are within the Newroad Vicinity and the places will be expanded with the increased demand in the app. The total parking capacity estimated to be available for two-wheelers is 700 and four-wheelers is 40.

The Park KTM App is currently available only on Android devices and can be downloaded via playstore. The app is still in the development phase for IOS users. With the implementation of this system, one can check out about parking space availability via mobile phone and can book if space is available.

Android DeviceAvailable
IOS Device Not Available

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How to use the Park KTM App

Park KTM App

Park KTM App is convenient and easy to use. First, you need to download the app from the play store on your android device. The smart parking app is only available for android users. After your app has been downloaded and installed, open the app. Select the app vehicle type. There are two types of vehicles you can select from, two-wheelers and four-wheelers. After selecting the vehicle type select the location you want to park. The app shows the readily available areas and the number of parking spots available. Select and book the location according to your need.

Once you have booked for the location call their toll-free number to book your parking spot and finally your parking spot is reserved. Now you can simply go there and park at your booked spot. But your parking spot is reserved only for 15 minutes. If you arrive later than 15 minutes of booking confirmation your booking will be canceled and released.


  1. Select Vehicle Type
  2. Select a Location
  3. Tap the Book button
  4. Call their toll-free number to book your parking spot 
  5. Park at your reserved spot

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Cost and Pricing of PARK KTM APP

The parking cost for two-wheelers is Rs 25 per hour and four-wheelers are Rs 60 per hour. 

Two-wheelersRs 25 per hour
Four-wheelersRs 60 per hour

Things to improve in PARK KTM APP

Since this app was launched about a year ago there still are a lot of problems that need to be considered. The major problem with this app is that there are very few limited places available for booking. It only covers the Newroad area. Likewise, the booking expiry time is 15 minutes which is very less as it may take time to reach the parking place. Similarly, the mobile app is lagging and still is not properly developed. The KTM park app is only limited to android which means, it is not available on IOS devices.

  • Parking Places are limited
  • Parking booking expiry time is very less
  • The app is lagging
  • The app is not available for IOS users